Kitchens, showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets and floors are present in every home. However, no two drains are 100 percent the same. Each one requires individualized diagnostics and repairs. There could be numerous reasons for a clogged drain. Contacting our Alhambra drain cleaning specialists is a guarantee that your drain is repaired properly.

Kitchen drains often occur from grease, We handle all clogs, sink, toilet and main line fats and soap detergent accumulation. The inner walls of pipes fill up and eventually lead to a stubborn blockage. One of our plumbing specialists will pinpoint the problem and return your kitchen pipes back to normal.

Shower drains have separate difficulties that a plumber experienced in shower drain problems can resolve. Typically, the blockage culprit in shower drains come from soap and hair buildup. The trap and drain pipe becomes clogged, requiring the expertise of our plumbers. Standing water is an unwelcomed presence in the shower. When water covers your feet and the shower floor, you need to call our Alhambra office for a swift resolution.

Bathroom sink drains also become clogged with soap and hair. Add toothpaste and grime to the mix and soon you will need one of our experts to come to the rescue. Our Alhambra drain cleaning team has several solutions to unclog bathroom sink drains.

Toilet drains become clogged by toilet paper and a  toddler's toy. Our Alhambra plumbers can resolve this problem promptly with the proper tools and equipment, if necessary. We know how to apply the right tool to remove any obstruction from the toilet.Our Alhambra Plumbers are drain clearing specialists

Floor drains often occur in the garage, laundry room or basement. Some homes also experience clogged drains on patios and driveways. Wherever the clogging occurs, we know how to check the drain area and find the right solution to eliminate the problem. Dirt and debris can easily clog floor drains. However, calling our Alhambra drain clearing professionals ensures that the clog goes away just as swiftly.

Downspouts drains are important for removing water from gutters. If the downspouts are connected to a municipal storm sewer system, leaves and other debris could easily clog the downspout and cause a problem in your home. Our Alhambra plumbers will clean the downspouts to help avoid clogging which could cause flooding around your home.

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